Modern Proverbs

Words of wisdom made relevant to today’s generation:

Let he who is without selfies cast the first judgment.

Man who spend all day on Facebook should turn head to face books.

An Apple a day keeps the Galaxy away.


You can download Friends but not a friend to watch it with you.

If they invented time travel, would you have time to use it?

Money can’t bring happiness, but free shipping can help.

Every good story has an original, a sequel and a prequel.

The best things in life come with free Wi-Fi.

Do Androids dream of electric Safaris?

Every great journey begins with a single step on the accelerator.

Tis better to have loved and lost than to marry a douchebag.

You don’t know what you’ve got til Error 404.


10 Signs You Are Addicted To Your iPhone

1. You forget that other people use devices like ‘watches’ and ‘clocks’ to tell the time.

2. Whenever you accidentally leave it in the car, you rush back to get it as if you had locked your own child in an unattended vehicle.

3. You keep thinking you can hear your phone message tone going off during the day when it hasn’t.

4. A single tear can be seen rolling down your cheek as you discover the first crack on your iPhone screen.

5. You look up the train timetable on Safari even though it is clearly posted in front of you at the train station.

6. You keep checking to see if you have any texts or emails, even though you have not received any notifications.

7. Putting your phone on silent mode has made your vibrator obsolete.

8. You try to ‘pinch’ zoom other technology devices that do not use a touch-screen.

9. You are nonchalantly reading this using your iPhone.

10. You are now about to Google ‘nonchalantly’ on your iPhone.