Why Cafe Culture Is More Fun In Theory

Lately there has been a rise in ‘hipster’ culture which is basically a term for cashed-up hobos or people who use words like ‘dapper’ and have ironic moustaches. With this, we have seen a particular style of cafe culture gaining popularity. It has brought with it a unique blend of mismatched furniture, chalkboard art, jam jars sans jam and various other ‘kitsch’ things we never knew we enjoyed. Apart from it’s charming trend of being splendidly expensive, there are aspects of this movement that are not as fun as they appear. These have been listed below and are entirely gluten-free for your convenience.


Chopping Board Plates
Whilst having that authentic, “straight from the herb garden and into the kitchen” look, it makes for difficult eating. It just takes one over-eager push of the knife to send the entire contents off the abrupt edge of the chopping board. #classy


Good luck with that

Jars To Eat And Drink From
Because apparently bowls and cups are just not effective enough. The idea to recycle (or ‘up-cycle’ as it is referred to for no real reason by the non-plebs), as obviously every bowl and cup would ordinarily be thrown out after a single use. #organic

Tastes as good as it looks

Tastes as good as it looks

An Assortment of Pre-Loved Furniture
Often referred to as rustic as opposed to cost-effective, these cafes have an array of stools, school desks, barrels and limp bean bags for you to park your buns. Take your pick quickly or your coffee date will choose the least uncomfortable option first. #style


Small ‘Niche’ Spaces
These cafes are often set up literally within a niche and so to enter you must fight your way through a gauntlet of prams and women with yoga pants and over-sized sunglasses. #fitspo


Seemingly Gourmet Menus
The menu received at one of these cafes generally will contain more flowery words than a botanist guide. What other way could you describe succulent leg ham carved off the bone, layered between slices of rich, melted colby all served on toasted sourdough with olive oil butter? #hamandcheesetoastie


I’ll take it!

It seems however, that hipster cafes have decided to stay with one thing after all often incorporated into traditional coffee establishments, that is of course the tip jar.



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