Shit Straight Girls Say To Lesbians

“But say, like, a guy came along and had everything you wanted in a woman… except he was a man, would you like, go there?”

“So how exactly does that work with two women?”

“Did you want to stay here and hang out with the guys while we go shopping?”

“Does it make you sad that you can’t have kids together? Like proper kids, that are both yours?”

“Who would you turn straight for?”

“How much money would you go straight for?”

“When did you decide to be gay?”

“I kinda get it because I see Angelina Jolie and I think ‘she’s really hot.’”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress.”

“I thought you were, but I didn’t want to say, in case you thought I was hitting on you.”

“What are you going to do if someone at work finds out?”

“Who’s going to wear the dress at the wedding?”

“Sorry I kissed you the other night, I was just drunk and wanted to know what it feels like.”

“Is that why you never wear make-up?”

“Can you just act a little less gay in front of my family?”

“What do you talk about when you’re with your gay friends?”

“Are you sure you’re a lesbian?”

“You’re a lesbian? But you’re so pretty!”

“Are you attracted to me?”


13 thoughts on “Shit Straight Girls Say To Lesbians

  1. “Are you sure you’re a lesbian?”
    I love this one. Back in high school people would ask me, “If you’ve never had sex with a girl how do you know?” I’d ask them, “Well, since you’ve never had sex with a guy how do you know you’re straight?” They’d look at me like I wasn’t making any sense and say it wasn’t the same thing. Really????


  2. Do y’know, no one has *ever* said “You’re a lesbian? But you’re so pretty!” to me? Grumble.

    Probably I’m just so pretty it intimidates them. Yeah.


  3. Omg, how you have hit the nail on the head there…sometimes those are the very questions that help me separate my friends from aquaintances! The stupidity & ignorance of these questions often make me wonder if said person is right in the head. Lol.


  4. I hear, ” I know, I know, you are bisexual with a homosexual preference, but you don’t see any lesbian girls here, so you will go for a boy. Right?”


    And when I serenely reply, “That’s why I plan to move/ I have the internet.. Etc..”

    “But you are Indian!”

    …. *speechless* *headslam* *hulksmash rage*


  5. “So how exactly does that work with two women?”— Can you imagine this coming from my aunt? While she is drunk? Yep… Totally happened and I blushingly explained a few different way in which is can go and then she didn’t even remember the next morning… Oh and my cousin was standing next to me and trying to help me explain it… In a guyish way. lol, Oh god it was so weird and awkward. lol. By the way thank you for the like. 😀


  6. My sister just came out recently. It’s been no big thang for her 5 brothers and sisters, who’ve known for way longer than she has, but Mom and Dad… Not so much. I have to send her here– She’ll love it.
    So, when did you turn gay? So funny. I had to give it two comments.


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