Signs You Are An Anxious Person

  • You are always the one in the group who keeps repeating “So what’s the plan?”
  • You triple-check that you have your house keys: Once before you walk out the door. Again just after you have closed the door. And a third time later just as you decide you are ready to go back home.
  • You recognise someone you know in public and duck away quickly, worrying about how to approach the situation, if at all.
  • Unknown Caller IDs frighten you.
  • Out to dinner with friends you are not at all involved in the conversation as there are far too many choices on the menu to decide from.
  • You become stressed when someone asks “What are you doing tomorrow?” as you can’t be sure if they are going to suggest something awesome or awful to participate in.
  • Using Google Maps, you find out that you will need to leave at 9am to get to your destination on time. You estimate that if there is traffic you will actually need to leave at 8:30am. You set an alarm for 6am and leave at 6:15am.
  • You are never seen at work lunch breaks as you choose to hide in your car or an empty room / broom closet to avoid awkward interactions with colleagues.
  • You watch a show about a rare condition and later think about similar symptoms you have noticed.
  • At the doctors waiting room you regret being tested for a rare condition you recently found out about as there is a slight chance the results may prove you have it.
  • You can’t let yourself relax when using a bathroom at someone’s house that does not have a lock on the door.
  • When the boss is watching you completely fumble and look utterly hopeless at your job, but when they are away you seamlessly transition between tasks without faltering.1383525_1415503242011851_264356225_n
  • You panic when you have to leave a voice message on someones phone and / or you plan ahead what you will say if the machine picks up.
  • You want to host a party for your birthday but become completely overwhelmed with all the necessary things involved that you abandon the whole plan before anyone even knows about it.
  • You read this list and are anxious about that fact that you identify with most of it.