Bogan Expressions And Their Meanings

Bogan (n.) Aust.
See also: derro, chav, redneck, westie, white trashyourself, etc.

Adventures in loserville-7

Shiraz was a strapping, handsome, young lass.

Bogan expressions and their meanings:

“Bum us a durry, bro.”
Would you mind if I inspect and partake in use of one of your tabacco-related products?

“Where’s ya missus at?”
You are often sited with a female companion. Pray tell, where is your fair maiden at this hour?

Excuse me, kind sir / madam.

“Waddaya talkin’ ’bout?”
I’m sorry, please forgive my ignorance, but I don’t quite understand.

“Waddaya reckon?”
I’d be very interested to know your thoughts on the subject.

“You’re talkin’ shit!”
Such embellishments in your story have led me to believe your information is inaccurate.

Adventures in loserville-14

Shiraz and Chardonnay settled their disputes in a playful, violent manner.

“Show us ya tits.”
Hello, I’m a pervert.

“Piece o’ piss, ay.”
I find this task to be slightly less challenging in nature than perhaps you had envisioned. It shall be completed in a timely fashion.

“Chuck us a beer.”
Would you be so kind as to hand me a suitable alcoholic beverage? Or, if the fancy takes you, I will even allow you to toss it whimsically toward me in a safe and friendly manner.

“The gummymint wont gimme me money.”
My current circumstances, at this point, have lead me to rely on the welfare system set up by our democratic leaders in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, it appears an error has occurred this week as my financial benefits have not yet been processed. I’m quite perplexed and, dare I say it, annoyed.

“Fark off, mate!”
I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

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