Top 10 Reasons For Being Late To Work

1. Attempting to leave at very delicately timed latest possible minute.

2. Choosing an outfit for unrelated event happening outside of work hours.

3. Waking up to an alarm and in a sleepy daze not being able to remember what it had been set for.

4. Some form of breakfast disaster, including spillage, overcooking (burning), running out of an item or completely over-doing portion size to the point of illness.

5. Not being told about daylight savings time change by several forms of media.

6. Bad hair day.

7. Contemplating giving up all connections with outside world due to bad weather.

8. Phone out of battery – making last minute attempt to charge to at least 3% before leaving.

9. Spider found in house – sole purpose in life now to use all energy to make sure it can be seen at all times until it either leaves the house or dies.

10. Went on the internet.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons For Being Late To Work

  1. My favourite is getting up too early, getting ready for work make my lunch & then thinking I’ll just have a little nap as I’m 2 hours ahead of my schedule, then I fall into a deep sleep, don’t hear the alarm & finally arrive at work, late, looking like I stayed up drinking & playing the horizontal boogie all night! No-one believes that inside this mess of a person , I am a very efficient, well oiled ( well sometimes) machine that runs purely on good intentions! I do all the ones you’ve listed as well, hahaha. Xx


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